July 15

Maximising a Rainwater Harvesting Opportunity

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Ron McLean from Newdegate, WA

Ron McLean, his son Gordon and grandson Philip operate a mixed farming property in Newdegate which is south east of Perth WA.

Philip noted they had sufficient shed roofing on the properties to fill many water tanks – an ability to catch at least 900,000 liters in an average rain year.

Ron took on to organise the installation of tanks with over 700,000 liters capacity, and his first action was to contact a friend, builder Mr. Alan Page, to find the contacts for all the tanks.

The farm already had two existing 50,000L Pioneer tanks for 15 years that he was happy with, so Alan and Ron decided on the Pioneer brand.


-Newdegate, WA-

Some of these sheds are really big so they have the ability to catch a lot of water

Ron and Alan then worked with Pioneer Dealer Direct Network® member Price’s Fabrication + Steel, who have now completed a whopping eight tanks on his property!

These include 3x GT110 (110,000L), 4x GT50 (50,000L) and 1x GT200 (200,000L).

That is a lot of rainwater storage space!

“The main home shed was okay, but the others had all fallen to bits,” explains Ron.

“We thought that while we were fixing everything up, we should attach water tanks so we could have plenty of drinking water and plenty of water for livestock and spraying crops.

“Some of these sheds are really big so they have the ability to catch a lot of water.”

Ron’s happy to report there is already water running through the down pipes and into the tanks.

Why did Ron choose Pioneer over its competition?

For him it came down to the price and quality service – plus, he was very satisfied with the two existing Pioneer tanks on his property.

“The team at Pioneer and Price’s Fabrication & Steel were really efficient in everything they did,” says Ron.

“They’ve done everything as it should be and it all looks spot on.”

If you’ve got roofs that you want to catch water from, attaching a water tank is a smart and effective way to save as much water as possible.

Pioneer Water Tanks will work to your space requirements and utilise the best way to catch the water.

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