March 24

Malcolm Seeks Backup to be Bushfire Ready

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Malcolm Parnell from Bywong, NSW 


Malcolm lives on his hobby farm in Bywong, NSW spanning 27 acres. Just 20 minutes away from Canberra, he loves living a semi-rural lifestyle with the flexibility of being near town. 


When he purchased the land 21 years ago, securing a reliable source of water was top of mind. Having grown up in the country on tank water, he knows all too well the importance of having a consistent supply of clean water to the house. 


Back then, concrete tanks were a common choice for many, but Malcolm wasn’t a fan of this style due to the likelihood of them cracking over time. 

“I’ve never had a problem with my existing tank in over 20 years, 

so it was easy to go back to Pioneer.” 

“With Pioneer, I was impressed with their tank design in that it was a module that could be transferred and built on site,” reflects Malcolm. 


I thought it was a clever design, and I liked the idea that it was just on a sand base, so it was flexible to ground movement.” 


Fast forward to the end of 2019, and Malcolm was in need of another tank to increase his water storage. 


I’ve never had a problem with my existing tank in over 20 years, so it was easy to go back to Pioneer.” 

Pioneer rainwater tank on a farm


Malcolm went through the Pioneer Dealer Direct Network® to install a smaller tank that would connect to his new shed. 


His local dealer, Aquaflo Irrigation, sold him a GT30 (30,000L) to accompany his existing GT130 (130,000L), for the purpose of being bushfire ready. 


“I’m about to build a new shed which will have 85m2 of roof area, so I really want to catch the water that runs off that surface,” explains Malcolm. 


“Even though I’m not necessarily in a high-risk bushfire area, I want to be prepared no matter what. Given last year’s events, having that sense of security on site if I ever did need it is reassuring.” 


The tank will also help with maintaining his garden, which is currently irrigated using dam water, while providing that extra sense of security for house supply. 

pioneer water tank in field

Malcolm describes his experience with Aquaflo and Pioneer Water Tanks as top notch. 


“I ordered this tank before Christmas 2019, and because the building of my shed has taken a lot longer than I’d anticipated, I had to keep pushing back the tank installation. 


“Monika from Aquaflo was always really flexible and checked in every month with me on when the tank could be installed. 


Finally I got approval, and as of two weeks ago I have a brand new tank! The two guys who installed it were excellent. 


Having dealt with Monika over the phone for over a year, I thought I’d put a face to a name and drop in their store in Canberra to say g’day; they’ve been very good to deal with. 

If you’re looking to have secure water storage on your property while mitigating bushfire risk, Pioneer Water Tanks have the product for you. 


Get in touch today to organise a free quote. 

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