November 24

Less Tanks, More Water: How NutriSoil Improved Their Water Storage

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NutriSoil is a biological liquid stimulant made from worms. It’s manufactured, distributed and wholesaled direct to farmers from a farm in Baranduda, Victoria. 


It’s an organically certified, award winning, concentrated worm liquid, produced from a unique Vermiculture Recycling System. The business was started by Graham and Lyn Maddock in 1995, and is now managed by their son Darren and his wife Nakala. 


The family operation has a composting system where they catch the leachate from worm beds. This liquid then needs large storage to hold it in, and having used a number of small 23,000L tanks over the years, the team decided processes would work much easier if they had larger tanks. 

“The liquid can flow in the tanks, then we’ll store it and can pump it out when we need to,” explains Darren. 


“It’s especially helpful in wet conditions: the bulk storage allows us to let things settle until we’re ready to use it which takes the pressure off us.” 


The property also holds two existing Pioneer Water Tanks: one 250,000L and one 200,000L, which were installed by Graham and Lyn back in 2008. 


“I decided to stick with what I knew and continue using a brand that I know for a fact is durable and sustainable. We’ve never had any issues over the last 12 years with those two tanks, so I went back to Border Tanks.” 

Because it’s Australian-made steel it sped things up a little bit, 

which is handy in this current climate of steel shortage and increasing prices. 

Darren Maddock - NutriSoil

A member of the Pioneer Dealer Direct Network®, Border Tanks installed NutriSoil’s two original tanks. Darren says it’s not just the reputation and quality of the Pioneer brand that brought him back, but also that of the team at Border Tanks. 


Border Tanks installed another two tanks of 290,000L each on the property, bringing their total storage capacity to over 1,000,000L. 


Three of these tanks are used for the composting process, while the fourth is for consumption and general rainwater storage. The team also built a large shed earlier this year, and Darren’s keen to install a fifth tank to collect the runoff. 


“There’ll be a lot of water to catch off that, so we thought it’d be wise to put another tank in! This will happen soon,” he says. 

What was Darren’s experience working with the Border Tanks team? 


“It was really good. I know they’re really busy and everyone’s waiting a bit longer due to the pandemic, but they still kept a high standard of quality customer service along the way,” he says. 


“Because it’s Australian-made steel it sped things up a little bit, which is handy in this current climate of steel shortage and increasing prices. 


The installation team knew their game – they’re serious and they’re not there to mess around. I was very impressed.” 


Does your business require strong, sturdy steel water tanks to help operational processes?

Pioneer Water Tanks can be used for all types of industries – give us a call today to discuss your project. 

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