August 14

Kerry’s Story

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Kerry Wellsmore from the Snowy Mountains, NSW


Kerry lives in the beautiful, tranquil Dalgety in NSW, right in the middle of the Snowy Mountains. He’s a sixth-generation farmer whose line started back in 1897 by his ancestors, and he owns two properties here.

The two farms are located in a stunning valley that leads down onto the Snowy River, completely surrounded by national parks.

Due to a number of dry years, the creeks that flow throughout Kerry’s property had run dry. He was in need of a reliable water source to catch the rain that fell off his woolshed and to gravity feed to the house and animal troughs.

Now, we’ve got troughs that feed off that tank and we can use the paddocks as they were meant to be used


Late last year, Kerry attended the Henty Field Days where he stumbled across the Pioneer Water Tanks tent. In here he met Pioneer Dealers Monika and Michael from Aquaflo Irrigation, who were offering the drought rebate scheme on all tanks at the time.

Kerry purchased two tanks, both at 250,000L, which were installed in November and December 2019.

One tank is placed at the end of his new woolshed and collects roughly 400L per mm off the roof.

“It made good sense to have water security there,” explains Kerry.

“The gravity feeds this water to the house as well.”

man in front of water tank

The other tank is located on the property that Kerry lives on. It’s filled directly by a gravity-fed dam which follows a 650 feet vertical run across 2 kilometres from the dam to the house – and now to the tank.

“I trickle-feed that into the big tank, and that way it settles and it’s nice, clean water.

“Some of that water also then travels down to the troughs for the animals.”

In the summertime, Kerry’s main source of water is the spring-fed dam that gravity feeds to the house. Unfortunately during the dry years, the creeks running through the property dried up and couldn’t fill this dam.

“We had to leave all the gates open in a lot of the paddocks, so we had access to only about three dams on the property,” he explains.

“Now, we’ve got troughs that feed off that tank and we can use the paddocks as they were meant to be used.”

Kerry is also happy to report that the creeks are once again running thanks to the recent rain.

What did Kerry like most about working with the team at Aquaflo?

He says there were sometimes delays for the installation on account of windy weather (which would cause major problems while handling 12-meter steel sheets!).

This meant Monika and Michael had to pick the weather carefully.

They monitored this in detail to select the right day to do the job – and when it finally came, they didn’t waste any time!

Kerry was impressed with the speed and efficiency of the installation team, as well as always having access to the details through Monika.

If you’re looking to gravity-feed your property, installing a water tank is an excellent way to utilise your space.

Give us a call on 1800 344 130 to discuss options for your land.

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