December 2

Keeping Things All Natural At Delatite Winery

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David Ritchie from Delatite Winery, Mansfield, Victoria 


David Ritchie, Owner and Managing Director of Delatite Winery in Mansfield, Victoria, is currently building a brand-new cellar door to accompany the vineyard. 


Producing a wide range of cool-climate wines, David runs the vineyard on biodynamic lines with no pesticides or chemicals used at any stage of the process. 


“We like to do things very naturally, which is why we appreciate the beauty of fresh rainwater,” explains David. 


I don’t like plastic, and I only ever want to supply our customers with clean, quality water.” 

David Ritchie 

"The team were absolutely fantastic,"

"They were efficient, on time and installed  the tanks very quickly."

He was after steel water tanks to connect to the existing infrastructure on site as well as the new cellar door’s 400m² roof area. This water would be used for the tasting room, dining area and restaurant facilities. 


Up until now we’ve only had 30,000 gallons worth of storage in concrete tanks, and we realised that we would need a lot more going forward. 


David and his wife built a new house roughly eight years ago. This was their first introduction to Pioneer Water Tanks through the Dealer Direct Network® with Quentin White. 


“He installed three Pioneer tanks at the time and we’ve been absolutely delighted with them. So, when it came to looking at water storage for the winery, Pioneer was one of the companies I approached for a quote. 


“I like that Quentin is local and he was really good to deal with, so I gave him the job!” 


Quentin sold David three GT110s (110,000L) to connect to the cellar door building. 


Adding to his current water storage, this gives David over 400,000L of pure, fresh water to supply his customers when dining with Delatite Winery. 


“The team were absolutely fantastic,” he says. 


“They were efficient, on time, and installed the tanks very quickly. 

I can’t talk higher enough of Quentin and his dealership.” 


Delatite Winery’s new cellar door will officially open in February 2021. Their wines have been consistently successful in the show circuit and favourably reviewed in the media. They’ve been a ‘Five Red Star Winery’ from 2009-2021. 


Learn more about Delatite Wines at their website 

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