October 7

Julie Page’s Rainwater Upgrade

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Julie Page from Yorke Peninsula, SA


Julie and her husband Chris own five farms across the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. Two of them – one in Brentwood, one in Warooka – were in need of a couple of extra water tanks.

They live on the property in Warooka, and they’ve connected a number of existing tanks all together so they can run the farm on rainwater. This is a very smart invention that operations often use to manage water.

“We had a very positive experience with the Pioneer team. They were very helpful and had all the paperwork down pact – they were very good with their quoting process."

Julie Page

Over at their Brentwood property, they were relying on main water – however this was slow and it came from the Murray. The couple farm wheat, barley, faba beans, lentils and vetch, as well as manage sheep during the summer, so the water requirement on farm is quite high.

“We don’t work the land like we used to,” explains Julie.

“We use applications on the soil through boom sprays, topical applications and mixing with water. We collect rain during the winter so we can have sheep over the summer, and a solid supply of water is paramount.”

The pair have used other brands’ water tanks in the past, but word around town was that Pioneer was top of the range. They liked the fact there was a local dealership in the area – Pioneer Water Tanks South Australia – and it came down to giving the brand a go.


Julie spoke to Ben from Pioneer SA, who sold her two GT150s (150,000L) to be distributed across the two properties.

The duo also has a hay shed on one of the sites, so they invested in Pioneer’s Smart Water Saver option to make the most of the roof-run.

Both properties have been blessed with rain this year – and even though both tanks are not quite full, Julie says it’s highly possible they’ll get there by summer.

pioneer water tank in the bush

“We had a very positive experience with the Pioneer team,” she says.

“They were very helpful and had all the paperwork down pact – they were very good with their quoting process.

“The tank is going to be there for a very long time, it will save us money in the long term, and the tanks are excellent with no problems.”

If you’ve got multiple properties that are in need of water storage, Pioneer’s Dealer Direct Network® will take care of you.

There’s no location too far – give us a call today to learn more.

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