July 20

Jason’s Home Improvement Water Storage Journey

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Jason Maurer from Batesford, Victoria


Jason Maurer is in the process of making a few changes on his and his family’s one-acre block in Batesford, Victoria.

With plans to install a large shed, 2000 sqm2 worth of grass and eventually become more self-reliant for household water consumption, Jason found himself in the market for a reliable water tank early this year.

He took to Facebook and discovered a few water tank providers, and ended up settling on local business Specialised Tank Services – a proud member of the Pioneer Dealer Direct Network®.

“I liked that they were local, and they were also the cheaper option – plus the tanks looked good,” reflects Jason.


Settling on a GT110 (110,000L) in Monument, the Specialised Tank Services installed Jason’s new tank in March this year.

“Initially I want to use the tank to irrigate my new area of lawn,” says Jason.

“Down the line, especially if I find the tank has more than I need in the summer, I’ll look at setting up a plumbing system in the house.”

Jason’s new shed will also be connected to the tank, allowing him to capture a considerably larger amount of rainfall.

“Originally I wasn’t going to go so big, but I think it’ll work well now that we’re connecting the shed.

“I’m happy that I’ve put it in now so I can catch the winter rainfall in preparation for spring and summer.

“When I was thinking about purchasing a water tank, in the back of my mind I was thinking about being more resourceful with our water consumption. If I don’t need to be paying a water bill, then all the better. It’s something I’ll be planning over the next 12 months.”

I liked that they were local, and they were also the cheaper option – plus the tanks looked good

Jason Maurer

What was Jason’s experience with the Specialised Tank Services team?

“They were good – they turned up on time and the build was done in a day. The installers cleaned up after themselves, there was no rubbish, and everything was really good.

“The communication with the office was also very straightforward.”


If you’re thinking about decreasing your water bills, rainwater tanks are the way to go!

Get in touch today for a free quote.

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