Pioneer Water Tanks – Life Cycle Support Services

It's a commonly accepted fact that water tanks play a vital role in any infrastructure or plant operation, but sadly over the years water tanks have dropped off the radar in respect to their ongoing inspection and maintenance.

Failure to regularly inspect a water tank can greatly impair its safety and impact the operational life span and service life of the product.  Pioneer Water Tanks have identified this need, and is actively looking to address the issue by providing life cycle and post-sales support services.

Without an expert partner our clients struggle to get the best long term management of their assets to extend performance of their water tanks.

Pioneer Maintenance Programs

Pioneer Water tanks can create a customised program to suit a client’s needs and budget. This can be as required, or in the form of an ongoing contract in order to provide an  maintenance program over the course of the tanks' life-cycle.

Pioneer Water Tank Inspections 

App Based Inspections

At Pioneer Water Tanks we have developed an app based inspection checklist that our inspectors can use on any handheld device. 

Our tank inspections are risk based, which systematically brakes down each component of a clients' water tanks and gives each component a risk based rating, and provides photos and comments. 

The inspection report will also provide insight into the condition each tank is in, along with recommendations for improvement. 

Each inspection report is then updated on a DMS (Document Management System) and can be viewed either on a computer or via a QR code attached to the water tank.

Camera and Recording Equipment

Depending on the site environment our teams have GoPros and handheld devices that enable them to capture, record and upload information for each of our app based inspections.

ROV Inspections

Our underwater drone designed for filming, observing and exploring the world we cannot see. The use of our ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) dramatically reduces the risk and cost of have a diver entering a tank to conduct an inspection below the water line of your tank. In some cases the ROV can pick up dropped objects siting on the base of the water tank that can negatively impact the tank liner.


Our aerial drones can be used to give a better overview of a client’s site infrastructure, and in some case where roof access to the water tank is no longer available; provide a safe option to conduct a roof and platform inspection from the ground.

Pioneer Water Tanks Maintenance Services 

At Pioneer Water Tanks our teams and work force are highly experienced and skilled, and will work alongside you to deliver a seamless transition from an onsite problem into an onsite solution, whatever the size and scale of your project.

We offer a full range of maintenance, emergency repairs and refurbishment services to suit your site's needs.

Pioneer Water Tanks Improvement Service

The Improvement Service works with you to improve the efficiency, quality and accountability of local public services by providing advice, consultancy and program support.

Some of the products that have helped improve the service life existing water tanks are:

Upgraded Water Tank Liners 

Pioneer Water Tanks inspections and maintenance team can recommend an upgraded liner suited to any application that may be required.

Nozzle Extensions & Splash Box 

Nozzle Extensions & Splash Box removes any splash that may have an impact on the tanks liner and roof system.

Static Ventilators

Static Ventilators help to reduce water vapour settling within the roof structure.

Inlet Positioning

Placing the inlet at the base bottom-fills the tank. This helps to reduce misting from water vapour from when tanks are filled from the roof, or at the top of the tank wall.

Platform and Ladder replacements

The Australian standards for ladders and platforms has greatly improved the minimum design requirements for ladders and platforms when it comes to safely

Pioneer Water Tanks Record keeping 

Monitoring Maintenance Lifecycle (MML) is a monitoring development process designed to reduce maintenance costs and increase the reliability of our clients' water storage infrastructure.

QR Codes

Pioneer Water Tanks have developed QR codes and a client-based file management system for our mining and commercial clients.

We will create a custom QR code for each of our clients, and these QR codes will be laser engraved on Traffolyte - a multi-layered phenolic plastic. 

Once the QR code is attached to our client’s water tanks, this will enable the end user to scan the QR code from their mobile device and have real-time access to all documentation regarding their water tank in the palm of their hand.


Our DMS (Document Management System) is used to store and manage documents, electronic images and information captured through the use of a client’s QR codes.

The DMS and the QR codes are linked to a password protected web site, tailored to each client. This enables site supervisors, maintenance planners, and managers access via an online link to their tank's documentation on a PC without having to scan a QR code.

Pioneer Water Tank Lifecycle

Water tank lifecycle management is the process that manages the end-to-end stages of or clients water tanks, throughout its lifecycle or period of ownership — starting with its acquisition through to the usage and finally the disposal.

Our maintenance and after-sales Support offers the highest professional standards and value in Australia. If you’re looking for ongoing inspections, refurbishment or maintenance then we have everything you need covered in one place.

Take a browse of the website and contact us today to find out for yourself why we're so highly recommended.