Water Tanks for the Mining and Resources Industry

  • High quality process water tanks, fire tanks, wastewater tanks and potable water tanks for the Australian mining sector.
  • Australian made fire and process tanks, compliant to AS2419 or 2304, dependent on your requirements.
  • Qualified and experienced tank construction crews.
  • Designed by in house engineers for strength and durability.

Our comprehensive range of commercial tank sizes can meet the needs of most mining applications and range from 12kL to 10Meg.

Pioneer Water Tanks - Experts in Mining Water Tanks

Pioneer Water Tanks are more than familiar with the needs of the Australian Mining Industry, and have been providing high quality process water tanks, fire tanks, wastewater tanks, potable water tanks and other water storage solutions for the Australian mining industry for decades.

All of our industrial water tanks for mine sites and fire protection are made on site in our Australian workshop from Australian BlueScope® steel, and are designed by our team of in house engineers. If our standard range of mining tanks aren't suitable, our engineers and sales team are happy to work with you to meet your needs.

Pioneer Specialises in Mining Water Tank Projects

Pioneer can provide water storage solutions for mine sites that meet the following Australian Standard:

  • AS4100

Steel Structures

  • AS4600

Cold form steel structure

  • AS1170.1

Live and Dead Loads

  • AS1170.2

Wind Loads

  • AS1170.4

Earthquake Loads

  • AS1657

Ladders Platforms

  • AS2419.1

Raw Hydrant (Tanks)

  • AS2382.2

Cathodic Protection

  • AS2239

Galvanic (sacrificial) Anodes for Cathodic Protection

  • AS/NZS4020

Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water

  • AS2304

Water Storage

Pioneer Water Tanks make it a priority to ensure that the water tank installed on your site is the best possible water tank for the job, and will strive to meet any requirements that your project may need.

Specialist Water Tanks for the Mining Industry

Process Water Tanks

Pioneer Water Tanks understands just how important it is to have sufficient process water storage on your mine site, and offer a wide range of process water tank installation options from 12kL to 10ML.

Be it for dust suppression, water truck or water cart refilling, or any of the wide variety of needs you may have for commercial water tanks in your mining operation, Pioneer's process water tanks cover all the boxes. Sturdy, built for purpose and aesthetically pleasing, Pioneer's range of commercial water tanks are sure to meet your needs.

Water Treatment Tanks

For water treatment tanks, Pioneer's large panel tanks make a great option thanks to their durability and strength, as well as their quality engineering allowing water to be moved between them in high volumes. These can be either open or closed tanks with a liner suited to the chemical make-up of the tank contents.

All of our wastewater tanks meet AS2304 certification for Water Storage and AS2239 & AS2382.2 in regards to galvanic (sacrificial) Anodes for Cathodic Protection.

Fire Tanks

Pioneer Water Tanks have the capability to design, manufacture and install fire water tanks to meet AS2419 and AS2304 all across Australia. We are experts in water tank storage solutions for hydrant and sprinkler systems and we can manage your water tank project from start to finish with local tank installers representing Pioneer all around the country.

If you need a storage vessel for your sprinkler water storage tanks specification, or are working on a project for a fire hydrant installation and require water storage for fire protection, a Pioneer Water Tank is the right tank for you. When it comes to a fire protection tank, steel reigns supreme.

Pioneer Water Tanks design and supply one of the most cost effective fire water tank systems in Australia. All Pioneer Water storage tanks are engineered to be compliant to relevant Australian Standards.

Potable Water Tanks

Excelling in water storage for rural and domestic applications, Pioneer provides high quality potable water storage tanks for mine sites and mining residential settings. Meeting AS/NZS4020 for testing of products for use in contact with drinking water, and fitted with an antimicrobial water tank liner, Pioneer's tanks are perfect for drinking water storage.

In areas as dusty as mining sites, your Pioneer Water Tank can be fitted with a SuperSeal dustproofing condensation strip pack to make the water tank dust proof and vermin proof, ensuring that the water quality of your drinking water is as good as possible.

Pioneer Water Tanks can supply you with a water tank for potable water from our rural range, or can design one to fit your specifications if a project calls for it.

Wastewater Tanks

Pioneer offer large modular wastewater tanks for mine sites as well as other commercial settings. All of our wastewater tanks meet AS3500.1 certification for Plumbing and drainage Water services.

Whether you need multiple linked or separate tanks, or a single water storage tank, we will work with you to meet your needs. The liners of these tanks can be suited to the chemical composition of the tank contents.

Mining Water Tank Projects

On mine sites all across the country, from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia to Bendigo Victoria, chances are you'll find a Pioneer Water Tank helping operations run as smooth as possible.

One of the major strengths of modular panel tanks, like those provided by Pioneer Water Tanks, is their level of adaptability in terms of not just size, but also purpose.

Below are some mining water tank projects that Pioneer have undertaken for mine sites of all sizes across Australia.

Water Tank Inspection and Maintenance

Pioneer Water Tanks also provide an inspection and maintenance service for water tanks on mine sites, ensuring that your water storage facilities stay fully operational for as long as possible. This service includes:

  • App Based Inspections
  • Camera and Recording Equipment
  • ROV Inspections
  • Drones
  • An innovative QR Code system

Mining Water Tanks

For more information on mining water tanks - or any water storage or liquid storage on mine sites - contact Pioneer Water Tanks today on 1800 999 599, and one of our commercial water tank experts will be able to assist you with your enquiry.