December 20

How Your Rainwater Tank Can Save you Money

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Saving Money With Your Rainwater Tank

rainwater tanks saving money

Mains Water Can Become Very Expensive

Mell and Brendon live on a 5-acre property in Nilgen, located 130km north of Perth in Western Australia.

Having recently moved to their new rural property, Mell and Brendon were concerned with how much their existing mains water set-up was costing them.

“With the tiered water scheme it gets more expensive the more you use and as we are trying to establish new gardens and plant trees, it just wasn’t possible for us to cut back on usage anywhere,” said Mell. “Once you go over the first two pricing tiers, the cost per kilolitre more than doubles, adding around $800 or more a year to our annual water usage costs.”

Mell and Brendon hatched a plan to become self-sufficient by harvesting their own rainwater.

“Our thinking was we could offset the increased charges by investing in a water tank, which would basically pay for itself over time with the money we’d be saving.”

“Once you go over the first two pricing tiers, the cost per kilolitre more than doubles, adding around $800 or more a year to our annual water usage costs.

Mell and Brendon were initially disheartened when starting their tank enquiries… that was until they experienced the Pioneer Dealer Direct® Network.

“This one manufacturer we rang couldn’t even answer our questions – so when we came across David and the team from Watertorque we didn’t have to look any further.”

Mell and Brendon bought a Pioneer GT150 (150,000L) ZINCALUME® from David, complete with rainwater level indicator, smart water saver & 50mm brass fire outlet.

“We especially liked the smart water saver feature when David said we could catch an extra 25% of our tank’s total capacity with it,” says Mell.

“The big size was just perfect for our property’s water needs and also came at a very reasonable price.

“Plus, being a Pioneer tank sold by a member of the Pioneer Dealer Direct Network®, we knew we were getting quality.”

Aside from receiving a top quality, innovative tank that offered increased water saving efficiencies, Mell says there was one part of her and Brendon’s Pioneer experience she was particularly impressed with.

“We couldn’t fault the service we received from David and the team- they made the whole process trouble-free.”

“Living rural, we were initially worried about where the tank would be installed but the team were just so efficient. They got in and did the job really quickly.”

Mell adds that from start to finish she couldn’t have been more satisfied with her Pioneer experience.

“From the team’s willingness to answer all our questions when we started looking, to the help we received when we had a couple of questions post installation, we couldn’t have asked for anymore.”

Mell and Brendon made a smart decision to become self-sufficient with their water- and knew Pioneer was just the team to get them there!
You see this is the Pioneer difference- we listen to your needs and then advise the most effective method that will achieve your goals and objectives.

Pioneer sells and installs more tanks than anyone on the country so you’ve come to the right place for all your water storage solutions.

Speak to an expert today about how we can help you on 1800 046 650

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