Pioneer Steel Water Tanks

Over 30 years in business with ZERO structural failures.

From time to time our customers share with us "your competitors tank is thicker so, I'm thinking of going with them".  When it comes to buying a water tank this kind of thinking doesn't give you the full picture.  It doesn't take into account a number of other significant features that position Pioneer Water Tanks as the best value for money water tank on the market.

How Thick Are Pioneer Steel Water Tanks?

Whilst we acknowledge that some of our competitors water tanks have thicker steel than Pioneer Water Tanks, this is only up to a certain sizes and not relevant across our entire range of tanks. The table below illustrates exactly which tanks EXCEED the steel thickness of our competitors.

Pioneer Water Tanks have been specifically designed by our engineers to put the steel in our tanks where it is needed most.  The success of this engineering feat has been verified by our record of ZERO structural failures in over 30 years of business.  

Pioneer Water Tanks Steel Thickness Chart

Tank Size Bottom Ring Middle Ring Top Ring
GT 500 2mm 1.6mm 1mm
GT 410 2mm 1.6mm 0.8mm
GT 370 2mm 1.2mm 0.8mm
GT 200 1.2mm N/A 0.8mm
GT 130 1mm N/A 0.8mm
Up to GT 110 0.8mm N/A 0.8mm

Pioneer Water Tank Features

At Pioneer, we don't believe in hanging our hat on one or two points of difference.  We've gone out of our way to continually develop new and innovative ways to design and manufacture our water tanks.  Our endeavour to lead the way in water provides Pioneer Water Tanks with  a unique advantage; for example we are the only tank company with a 150mm overflow, an engineered woven liner, and the world first antimicrobial water tank liner plus the exclusive smart water savers. That's just to name a few significant differences between our tanks and those of our competitors. Explore our list of innovations yourself.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Have a look at the vast list of significant features we've prepared below.  Call our competitors and see if they can match any of them.

So back to our customer who advised "your competitors tank is thicker so, I'm thinking of going with them". Well, after they are presented with all the facts, it's fair to say they're in a much better position to make an informed decision on which water tank is truly the best value for money.

Do Other Tank Manufactures Provide These Significant Features?

Features Pioneer Competitors
150mm Overflow
Antimicrobial Tank Liner
Liner Fixing Tabs
Double Seam Welds
PVC Top Edge
Engineered Woven Liner
100% Australian Made
Proven For Over 30 Years
Reinforced Bolt Strips
Bolt Strip Covers
8-80 V-Lock® Tank Wall Profile
Engineered Wall Panel
Angled Top Edge
Robotically Position Welded Trusses
Swivel Foot Truss Connector
Grade 350 - Galvanised Square Hollow Sectioned Trusses
Vierendel Truss Design
Tech Screw Class 4

“After 25 years using Australian Pioneer Tanks we continue to choose them for consistent durable quality, innovative design, adaptability to different environments and tidy finish.”


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