February 7

How Nick Increased His Water Security

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How a Fourth Generation Farming Family Increased Water Security

Nick in front of his Pioneer water tank

Nick Panizza from Williams Western Australia

Nick and his family are fourth generation farmers running their broadacre property in Williams, located 161km south east of Perth in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia.


To efficiently run his mixed farming operation Nick requires easy access to large amounts of quality water- which wasn’t happening.

“I was having to cart water for our household use over the summer period of low rainfall as we couldn’t catch sufficient water from the house alone,” said Nick.

Nick also found the time it was taking to refill the boom sprayer was increasing.

“There was a big distance to existing water tank fill points when I was spraying as there were no fill points close to the paddocks.”

To add to Nick’s woes there was little on-farm water available for his sheep with low dam levels.

So how did Nick increase his water security for farm and household use?

“There was a big distance to existing water tank fill points when I was spraying as there were no fill points close to the paddocks.”

Nick Panizza


Nick investigated a range of water storage solutions and after initially considering a plastic tank, realised Pioneer offered him the reliability and durability he was looking for.

After a visit to Prices Fabrication and Steel – one of Western Australia’s leading rural Pioneer Water tank distributors and Pioneer Dealer Direct Network® member – Nick found the solution.

“We ended up choosing the GT250 (250,000L) and the GT170 (170,000L).”

“They’re both great looking tanks and top-notch quality being Pioneer.”

“That was actually one of the deciding factors in choosing Pioneer- knowing they’re the industry leaders and unbeaten for durability and quality,” says Nick.

“I also especially liked the 8-80 V-LOCK wall profile, which provides the durability of corrugated steel and is great support for the inner liner molded to the inside of the water tank.”

Nick says he’s especially pleased with the water storage capacity of the tanks and the positive impact its already had on the farm.

“The best part is the huge volume of water they can hold as I don’t have to cart water for the house anymore.”

“It’s made things run much more efficiently by preventing wastage, as I’ve increased my water security further by utilising the shed roof area for water catchment.”                                                                                                                         

Nick adds that aside from having his water storage problems solved through purchasing two top quality, great looking tanks there was one other aspect he was particularly pleased with.

“Price’s Fabrication were absolutely great to deal with the whole way through.”

“Nothing was too much trouble and all the work was done to timeframes as well as to the highest quality.”

Nick and boys in front of Pioneer Rainwater tank

Nick’s water storage security increased because he went to the experts who have many years experience in providing tanks for rural Australia. 

Pioneer Water Tanks understand the requirements of your rural property because we have supplied Australia with water tank solutions for all types of farming and agricultural applications for over 30 years.

Designed for Australia’s harsh and demanding conditions, Pioneer Water Tanks are manufactured using strong and durable, fully recyclable 100% Australian Zincalume® or Colorbond® steel.

Discover why we’re leading the way in water and speak to an expert today on 1800 046 650

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