Grassland Climate Regions of Western Australia

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two large zincalume water tanks off a shed in western australia's grassland regions

Pioneer's GT Range of Rainwater Tanks - Designed for rural Western Australia

Pioneer Water Tanks have more than thirty years of experience in installing large steel water tanks across all reaches of Western Australia, and with so much of our rural and farming population living in the semi-arid or grasslands regions of the state, countless Pioneer rainwater tanks have been erected - and still operate perfectly - in these climactic regions.

Grassland - or as they're often referred to Steppe - climate regions are characterised by a semi-arid climate, with temperature extremes in both directions. Many who live in the rural reaches of Western Australia will tell you how the summers will soar above 45 °C, and in turn the winters will plummet below freezing.

While these areas or often quite dry, they do experience enough rainfall for significant vegetation to survive, and is where much of the state's rural population lives. Western Australia's grasslands are defined as hot and persistently dry, hot and dry, hot and dry in winter, warm and persistently dry or warm and dry. Most of the state falls into the hot and dry class, meaning it is hot and dry in the summer, with sparse to significant rainfall in the winter months.


Towns such as Northam will stay green for much of the year, despite seeing less than 500mm of rainfall a year, and are often centres for growers and graziers who rely on the aforementioned grasslands for their farming endeavours.

climate map of western australia including grassland climate region
detailed climate map of western australia including various grassland climate regions

Western Australia's Grassland, Steppe or Semi-Arid Regions

While still being difficult to live in, Western Australia's semi-arid or grassland regions are much more forgiving than their neighbouring desert climates, with more rainfall year round, and a less brutal dry season.

Much of the aptly named wheatbelt region is used for wheat growing, as well as  the many cattle farming areas which lie in these regions, as they are suitable for limited agriculture and farming, but their expansiveness made them an attractive proposition as early settlers spread out across the state.

While rainfall is not as plentiful as it is nearer to Perth, or in the more temperate climates of the state's south west, there is often enough rainfall that through the harvesting of water in rainwater tanks or dams, as well as tapping into underground aquifers or nearby rivers, there is enough water to survive.

Because of this, rainwater tanks are crucial to the way of life for many who live in these regions, and most homes will have one or more rainwater tanks making the most of the water that falls on the roof of their houses or sheds, to ensure they have enough water to drink, shower and was their clothes.

With a range of rainwater tank sizes from 12,000L all the way up to 500,000L of water storage - in both Zincalume® and a range of Colorbond® colours - there is sure to be a water tank to suit your individual needs, whether you are looking for water for your home, or are a grazier or grower tending to crops or livestock.

No matter where you are in Western Australia, we will endeavour to provide you with a high quality rainwater tank, so if you're in need of water storage,  give us a call or fill out a contact form, and we'll get you in touch with your local installer.

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