November 27

Gavin’s Story From Freeling South Australia

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Gavin's Rainwater Harvesting Story From Freeling South Australia

Gavin from South Australia with his rainwater tank


As a farmer, being able to access large amounts of quality water for his land and livestock is crucial for Gavin.

 “I need to make our rainwater storage work as efficiently as possible to meet our agricultural needs- and also so I don’t have the additional outlay for mains water,” he says. 

Living rural, Gavin also needs to be as prepared as he can for bushfire emergencies to protect his livelihood.

“We have numerous hay sheds on the farm and need to be ready for action, especially with all the livestock we have as well.”

“ We chose Pioneer SA because the quality was there and also the service.”

Gavin Schuster - Freeling, SA


Gavin first came across Pioneer Water Tanks when attending the Yorke Peninsula Field Days, and after learning more about the product range soon found the water storage solution he was searching for.

Over the past number of years, Gavin has purchased  4x GT 90’s (92,570 litres each) and 6x GT 250’s (247,874 litres each) from the team of Pioneer Water Tanks SA.

“We chose Pioneer SA because the quality was there and also the service,” Gavin said.

“And, the build time was always on schedule and quite fast- they’re quick to put up their tanks.”

“It’s good to be able to support a local South Australian company that has been around for a long-time and known for producing reliable, good quality tanks.”

Aside from receiving good-looking, reliable tanks that provided Gavin with all his water storage solutions, he was also particularly impressed with the after service that was provided.

“We wanted to customise our tanks for fire- this was really important for us as we needed to not only draw water for agricultural use but for fires as well.”

Gavin says having fire hydrants put on the side of his tanks was no problem at all for the Pioneer SA team.

“They were able to do exactly what we asked for and customise the tanks with hydrants.”

“Now we have that additional fire defence it does give more peace of mind,” said Gavin.

Gavin in front of his pioneer water tanks

​Gavin had his water storage problems solved through Pioneer helping him to meet his agricultural water needs. Our farm tanks are designed for the rugged Australian country and harsh climates our land constantly delivers. 

If you’re looking for a water tank that will stand the test of time you have come to the right place. Pioneer Water Tanks leads the way in water!

Discover the difference and speak to our water tank experts today on 1800 046 650.

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