Pioneer has revolutionised water storage by developing an antimicrobial tank liner that will keep your water fresher, cleaner and healthier for longer.

AQUALINER Fresh® is the name we’ve given to our patent pending tank liner containing SANITIZED® antimicrobial technology. No other tank company can offer this tank lining technology. It’s also certified to Australian and International drinking water standards and it is 100% BPA-free. It’s a global breakthrough in clean water storage technology and it is only available from the leaders in water storage - Pioneer Water Tanks.

How Does It Work?


Pioneer Water Tanks has collaborated with SANITIZED – a world leading institute in antimicrobial hygiene technology 

to create a new cutting-edge tank liner that works to protect against the build-up of mould, algae, mildew and biofilm.

The advantage of harnessing world-class technology from the Swiss-based company SANITIZED in a water tank application is that the interior surfaces of your tank are actively working against bacterial growth. 

SANITIZED technology complies with the strictest international health guidelines which means that your AQUALINER Fresh® tank liner has been rigorously tested for its functionality and safety for you and your environment.

The new AQUALINER Fresh® liner is 100% compliant with Australian and International health standards for products in contact with drinking water. 

You can rest assured knowing you’ve purchased a safe and effective Australian-made product that is at the forefront of global liner technology and performance!