March 6


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Meet the lovely young Boshammer family, who are proud beef producers from Queensland’s Western Downs.

The couple has built their stud and commercial cattle operations by leasing land over the past six years. Today they run around 900 head of cattle and lease 7,700 acres consisting of “Elgin” Condamine and “Aberfeldy” Dulacca.  Justin and Kate breed Angus and Brangus bulls, marketed under their Glenoch-JK prefix, and operate a commercial Angus cowherd, producing Angus x Wagyu F1 progeny.

How did your family get into the livestock industry?

Justin and Kate both grew up on the land, and each developed a strong interest in cattle, particularly Angus seedstock. Kate’s family are beef producers in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, while Justin’s family operate the Sandon Glenoch Angus herd at Chinchilla.

After university and working on Angus ranches in the USA, Justin returned home, where he worked in the cattle business (and at that time, also horticulture) with his father for eight years, while establishing his own seedstock herd of Angus and Brangus cattle.

Justin and Kate moved to Condamine in January 2012, where they began leasing their first property. A few years later they secured another lease property at Dulacca, which they are preparing to purchase this year, and subsequently established their commercial herd.

The couple has had significant involvement with the Young Beef Producers’ Forum in Roma, an event that Justin co-founded with Alistair Brown in 2005. Justin and Kate continued to organise the event for a number of years, before passing management to Future Farmers Network in 2011. The YBPF has developed a reputation as one of the most notable events for the youth of the beef industry.

Justin is currently a Southern Inland Queensland Director of the AgForce Cattle Board, and represents AgForce on the Research, Development and Adoption Consultative Committee of Cattle Council of Australia.

For the past nine years, Kate has worked in her business, Kabosh Creative, which specialises in providing quality website design and development solutions for rural and regional businesses.

What do you and your family love most about being cattle producers?

“We love watching the land improve through grazing management. It’s also very satisfying to breed cattle that we’re proud of, and having that quantified through great feedback from our clients, whether they be purchasers of our bulls, or the feedlot that supply with our commercial cattle,” says Justin.

How do your family and friends like to get involved? What do you value most about experiencing this lifestyle?

“We recently started our family, and have a one-year-old son, Theo. He absolutely loves farm life and the outdoors. He’s now at the age where he can go out on the property with Justin for hours on end, and he loves every minute of it. I’m also able to take him with me when we’re mustering, so we’re able to enjoy working together as a family. It really is a very special existence, and we feel so grateful that our children can grow up in such a clean and amazing place, with a genuine connection to the land, environment and animals around them. The skills and values they acquire will stay with them for life,” says Kate.

(Photo Credits: Ben Simpson and Jessica Courtnie Photography)

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