November 14


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MEET Justin and Sally Dyer from Hayfield Station, in the Northern Territory.

Sally is an NT station girl, born and raised on her parent’s cattle station, Kurundi.

She joins her husband ‘Juddy’ in running the Dyer family cattle property, situated between Daly Waters and Elliott on the border of the Katherine and Barkly regions.

42 years ago John and Val Dyer, Bill and Bonny Cook drove into Hayfield Station for the first time. They had two Toyota’s and two caravans.
At the Homestead there was the Kitchen, which had a toilet, meat house, single men’s quarters, aboriginal quarters and school room. The house was a slab with bricks two high.
You couldn’t see from one building to the other for the scrub!

Now the station is one of the most well known blocks in the Territory. It runs  approx 17,000 Brahman cattle and is continually adopting best practice research  to improve herd productivity.  The family also own Helimuster (NT), a major helicopter company based in the VRD.

“I love being on the land, working with animals and being able to bring up my children in this environment.”

How did Sally start out in the beef industry?

Sally was born and raised on her parent’s NT cattle station, Kurundi Station. When she married Justin Dyer it was a natural choice to move to Hayfield and help manage the family enterprise.

What does Sally love most about life at Hayfield Station?

“Being on the land, working with animals and being able to bring up my children in this environment. That’s what I love and cherish about living on Hayfield,” says Sally.

What does Justin love about his job?

“The open spaces and working with animals.”

How does their little tacker love to get involved?

With so much open country, it’s a playground for kids like 1 year old Orry!

“Orry’s still quite young, but he’s getting to an age where he’s seeing things and knowing what they are. E.g. Cows, birds!

We hope that being in this environment, means growing up with an appreciation of nature, animals and life! I think the best part for him is being with Mum and Dad all day and going on lots of adventures. Even if it’s just to the chook house!

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