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Water Tanks For The Farm

Pioneer Tanks Are Long lasting, look good and Farm Tough.

We have seen these tanks in the district and liked the look of them. After talking to agriculture contractors and even one that dealt in PVC tanks, your tanks came highly recommended



Rural Water Tanks For Farms, Growers, and Agriculture

Our farm water tanks are designed for the rugged Australian country and harsh climates our land constantly delivers.  If you are looking for a water tank that will last the test of time, you've come to the right place.  Pioneer Water Tanks leads the way  in water.

Frequently Asked Rural Water Tanks for Farms Questions (FAQs)

Yes, our water tanks manufactured and built for all sorts of applications and they will handle the rigours of irrigation.

Yes, we can provide you with a water tank that has facilities ready to take on water harvested off a roof.

If you are taking water from a dam or bore, we recommend (where possible) that you install your inlet at the bottom wall of your water tank.

It might seem unusual but the best water tank performance comes from bottom inlets. If you water is coming from a roof we recommend the standard roof lead filter basket.

Top inlets create tiny wave actions on the water service when water enters the tank and sometimes water can splash into the roof area. If you can, you should avoid this.

When you fill from a bottom inlet you should be pushing into a volume of water, water levels simply rise and fall, and there’s no splashing. You might be thinking there’s a lot of water inside pushing back into your inlet, that’s not the case.

When you send water to the top of a two-metre water tank you have two metres of head pressure. With this in mind, if the water level inside your tank is sitting at one metre you have one metre of head pressure, two metres equals two metres of head pressure and so on.

No. In more than 30 years of trading, we have come across only a small number of people who have insufficient roof area to collect water. If you’re not sure, call our consultant for advice.

We provide a full suite of features; AQUALINER Fresh®, double welded liner seams, switch foot truss, roof access hatch, external hook on ladder, 80mm overflow, 80mm outlet and valve(multiple if required), and 50mm inlet.