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The Pioneer Water Tanks Difference

Water Tank Features Comparison Chart

Features Pioneer Competitors
150mm Overflow
Antimicrobial Tank Liner
Liner Fixing Tabs
Double Seam Welds
PVC Top Edge
Engineered Woven Liner
100% Australian Made
Proven For Over 30 Years
Reinforced Bolt Strips
Bolt Strip Covers
8-80 V-Lock® Tank Wall Profile
Engineered Wall Panel
Angled Top Edge
Robotically Position Welded Trusses
Swivel Foot Truss Connector
Grade 350 - Galvanised Square Hollow Sectioned Trusses
Vierendel Truss Design
Tech Screw Class 4


Our 150mm diameter overflow connection and down piping is the largest in the market.

Designed to meet the Plumbing Industry Board’s requirements for an overflow greater than the infill rate of water means you avoid costly problems associated with a tank overflow.

Pioneer Water Tanks’ one-piece PVC wall connection prevents water coming into contact with any steel around the overflow penetration. The need to use any chemical based sealant is also eliminated to protect your potable water supply against possible contamination.

8-80 V-LOCK®

Pioneer Water Tanks’ modern and unique 8-80 V-LOCK® wall profile provides the strength of corrugated steel and maintains perfect support to the liner moulded to the inside of the tank wall.

The 8-80 V-LOCK® design maximises the strength of your tank to ensure it stays in shape when full or empty whilst minimising liner stress.


AQUALINER Fresh® is the name we’ve given to our patent pending tank liner containing SANITIZED® antimicrobial technology. No other tank company can offer this tank lining technology. 

It’s also certified to Australian and International drinking water standards and it is 100% BPA-free. It’s a global breakthrough in clean water storage technology and it is only available from the leaders in water storage - Pioneer Water Tanks.


Pioneer Water Tanks’ AQUALINER Fresh® is double seam welded for Australia’s tough conditions.

Our innovative double seam welded AQUALINER Fresh® provides the ultimate protection at liner joints, preventing leaks, drips, seepage or wicking of your precious water. Water seepage from your liner can encourage white ants or invasive roots, so insist on a double seam welded liner.


Fully concealed structural bolts provide you with a smooth and tamper-free panel joint. These unique vertical seams reinforce the strength of the tank and increase the integrity of your water tank.

With hundreds of tonnes of water to contain, Pioneer’s engineer-certified bolt strips provide the ultimate strong and safe panel joint.


The exclusive heavy duty Pioneer Water Tank roof connects to the body of the tank through a unique swivel foot roof connector and high-tensile bolts.

Offering safe and reliable load resistance and tie-down of the roof means you don’t have to worry about the performance of your tank roof in even the most extreme conditions.


Tek screws are used to fasten the roof sheets to the roof structure and there are four classes of corrosion resistance, with Class 4 being the highest resistance.

Every tek screw on your Pioneer Water Tank are Class 4. This provides you with maximum corrosion resistance and longest life performance.


Recommended when clean, fine sand is difficult to source and for added protection of the liner against damage from sharp objects such as stones or rocks.


Dirt, dust, spiders and all sorts of insects and vermin like to find places to live.

Superseal is a closed cell protective foam which fills the gaps between your roof sheets and the tank wall to protect your clean water from external sources of contamination.
*Optional extra

"The Pioneer Tank is a good looking Australian made water tank, lasting a lifetime, supplying our family and stock safe drinking water, sustaining our livelihood and way of life"



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