January 12

Dealer Spotlight: Alpha Tanks NT

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The Family Business Servicing the Top End’s Water Storage Needs

 Family owned and operated, by Katherine locals

If you’ve installed or had a quote for a Pioneer Water Tank in the Northern Territory in the last few years, there’s a good chance you’ve dealt with Brad and Shannon at Alpha Tanks NT.

Brad and Shannon have lived and worked in Katherine for over 20 years, and it is the only home their children - Cooper 13, and twins Morgan & Rylee 11 - have known.

This truly local experience means that Alpha Tanks NT has a strong sense of community within the area, and know what struggles come with water storage and water harvesting in the top end.

Brad understands how precious our water supply is and the need to have a high quality water storage solution. This is why Alpha Tanks NT partnered with Pioneer Water Tanks, the number one big tank company in Australia.

Alpha Tanks NT began at humble roots, beginning as a side business to aluminium fabrication in 2018, when Brad decided that starting his own business would bring him closer to home and enable him to spend more time with his family.

By 2021, Alpha Tanks were the proud recipients of a Business Growth Award at the Pioneer Water Tanks Dealer Awards.

Able to deliver on a large scale

In the years Alpha Tanks NT have been working with Pioneer Water Tanks as an Authorised Dealer, Brad has built tanks ranging from 90,000L to 500,000L across the Katherine & Barkley Regions.

One of the bigger jobs they performed was at the Murray Downs Station, a 1.3 million acre station about 370km north of Alice Springs, where 8,500 head of cattle were running.

When Luke James, the station manager, decided to upgrade from burra pits in order to give the cattle a better quality source of water and open up a new country, he turned to Alpha Tanks NT.

Working directly with Pioneer Water Tanks' head office in Perth, Pioneer Water Tanks and Alpha Tanks NT were able to work together to facilitate the install of an impressive 10 GT250s for a whopping 2.5 million litres of water storage.

“The guys who installed the tanks were great, and Brad from Alpha Tanks was great to work with. The sales team at Pioneer were also excellent,” said Luke, “With the current 10 tanks we’ve installed, we’ve been able to start achieving our goals of opening up the country,”

So impressed were they with their new Pioneer Water Tanks, and also with the team at Alpha Tanks, that when Luke reassessed the station’s water storage a year later he decided to install a further 9 GT250’s, bringing the total water storage up to almost 4.75 million litres.

Water is more than just a living, it’s a way of life

Even before working in the water tank industry, Brad understood the importance of a strong water supply and securing it in a water tank, and understands that water tanks are a vital resource on properties in rural areas and for the home.

This is part of the reason that when Brad decided to work for himself, allowing him to be closer to his family, he chose to partner Pioneer Water Tanks, Australia’s most trusted water storage supplier.

Brad’s love of water doesn’t end at water storage however, and if he’s not working, you’ll likely find him out fishing with the family on the Roper and Victoria Rivers.

This love of fishing, passion for water storage, and strong sense of community has led to Brad and Shannon supporting a range of community events through Alpha Tanks NT, from local shows to fishing competitions and events.

Need a Pioneer Water Tank for your property or station?

If you want the service of a truly local business, combined with the product of Australia’s number one big steel tank, then look no further.

With Pioneer’s V-Lock® tank wall profile, paired with the Aqualiner Fresh® antimicrobial water tank liner, there is no stronger or cleaner water tank on the market.

To obtain a free quote for world class water storage, contact us today.

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