December 7


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Danny Byrne from Wattle Grove, WA

Danny lives in Wattle Grove, with his wife Coula and their two children.


Danny and his family needed a way to collect water for the use of reticulation in the latter half of the summer to support their 3 acre block.

“It’s too expensive to use the mains town water,” he says.

“We average around 800ml of rain per year and the dam runs dry in the summer.”

What he needed was a cost-effective solution that would properly prepare him for the drier months.


“I considered several manufacturers, but I liked the Pioneer water tank wall profile,” he says.

He purchased two GT410 water tanks from Pioneer.

With cost another important consideration for Danny and his family, Pioneer impressed him with their value for money. But further, it was their attention to detail and customer service which really left a lasting impact.

“The site included several tree roots, but the installers didn’t complain and simply dug the tree roots out with the bobcat,” says Danny.

“The siteworks were finished off very neatly after the tanks were installed,” he says.

With a cost-effective and reliable storage solution finally in place to counteract the dry Perth summer months, Danny is certainly satisfied with his choice to install Pioneer water tanks.

“They hold the water, which is all I need them to do.”

Danny  made  a  smart  decision  in  contacting  an  expert  for  advice  on his  unique  situation.    At  Pioneer  Water  Tanks  this  is  what  we  do.    We  listen  to  your  needs  and  advise  the  most  efficient  method  to  achieve  your  goals  and  objective. 

We  are  available  for  consultations,  so  give  us  a  call  to  see  how  we can  help  you.

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