Corrugated Water Tanks

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Corrugated Water Tanks

Corrugated Water Tanks have been a mainstay of rural Australia for as long as we've needed access to clean potable water. Over the last 30 years, we've developed a stronger wall profile with our 8-80 V-Lock wall panels being designed to withstand the harsh Australian conditions for longer.

This leads to not only the tank walls being stronger and more durable, but also makes it much easier to affix roofing panels and accessories to your water tank in a more reliable manner.

All Pioneer Water tanks come with our 20 year conditional warranty.

Strong Water Tanks
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Corrugated Iron and the Australian Identity

From as early as 1850, Australians started building with corrugated iron - a revolutionary lightweight, but highly durable building material, that was used to construct homes, water tanks, sheds, shops and even churches!

A stark contrast to the brick and stone of Australia's two major cities at the time - Sydney and Melbourne - corrugated iron soon became synonymous with the Australian outback, and the rural way of living.

For a long time Australia was forced to import all of its corrugated iron from Britain, and was the world's largest consumer of the building product, before local manufacturing facilities were built in Newcastle and Port Kembla in the early 1900's.

Improvements in Technology

Zincalume ® Steel

What many Australians still refer to as corrugated iron, is more often than not Zincalume ® Steel, a lightweight steel alloy primarily composed of Aluminium and Zinc. Whilst it still has the classic metallic silver colour and appearance, scientific advances have allowed it to be stronger, lighter and more versatile.

The Tin Symphony

At the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics, a special segment featuring song, dance and performance art all based around Corrugated Iron was seen by the entire world - paying homage to what an important part of our cultural identity the building material has become.

Colorbond® Steel

Until the 1950’s, regular painting of galvanised iron was seen as the only way to keep your iron looking vibrant, before Chicago based Lithostrip Corporation and Pre Finish Metals discovered a way to successfully bond paint to a galvanised base. By 1966 the first coil of COLORBOND® rolled off the line and was available in six colours, revolutionising the building industry in Australia. 

Many years on, COLORBOND® is now available in dozens of colours for almost any imaginable application.

Environmentally Concious Corrugated Iron

All COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® products are 100% recyclable, meaning they can be re-purposed once they reach the end of their life cycle. 82% of all metals produced in Australia are recycled or reused; the highest rate of any solid waste generated in Australia.

Modern iterations of COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steel have been identified to have 10 to 25 per cent less environmental impact than the previous generations by Environmental Resources Management.

Australian Made Corrugated Water Tanks

From Perth to Cairns and everywhere between, we have over 50 distributors Australia wide, who make not only the delivery and installation of your water tank a breeze,  but also provide expert local support throughout your rainwater tank’s service life.

Our Dealer Network allows us to support the family businesses who help build the communities that rely on our high quality rainwater tanks for their commercial or residential water storage.

Further Questions About Corrugated Iron and Australian Steel?

Do you have any further questions about what type of steel would be best for your personal requirements? Call Pioneer Water Tanks today to ensure that you get the best steel rainwater tank for your needs.


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