Australian Water Tanks Warranty

Thank you for purchasing a dependable Pioneer Water Tank. Many years of product development and continual improvement has resulted in the high quality portable water storage tanks that we provide for your farm, commercial, or domestic location.

It is important you undertake regular inspections and maintenance of your tank as per the relevant “Owner’s Manual and Warranty booklet”, this document can be downloaded here.

Contained within this booklet is the information relating to inspection intervals, maintenance and the terms and conditions of the warranty. Failure to maintain the tank in accordance with this booklet may void your warranty.

We suggest you keep this booklet in a safe location and if you haven’t already please contact your insurer to have your Pioneer Water Tank included in your home insurance policy.

Why Register Your Steel Water Tank?

Pioneer Water Tanks are guaranteed against faulty material and workmanship. Registering your product warranty will serve as verification of your ownership in the event of an insurance claim. Completing this registration form will help you to obtain more efficient warranty service in the unlikely event of a problem with your product during the limited warranty period. Completing your warranty registration will also allow you to gain easier and faster assistance should you ever need technical support. You will also quickly receive important notifications for your new portable water storage tanks. REGISTER HERE. While the registration of your warranty is not required to validate your warranty it does help Pioneer in dealing with your claim more quickly and efficiently.

About Pioneer Water Tanks

We provide Australian water tanks for a range of applications and to your needs. Pioneer products are long-lasting and built to withstand the harsh Australian environment, including bushfires. When you purchase one of our products, you will benefit from your investment for years to come.