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For over 27 years, Pioneer Water Tanks have designed, manufactured and installed liquid storage solutions across a wide range of industry sectors including oil and gas, mining, industrial, fire, agricultural and municipal applications.

We are proud to introduce a strategic partnership between Pioneer Water Tanks and GLS Tanks of Europe to deliver an unrivaled product and service offering for Glass Fused Steel Bolted water tanks. Both companies are the most experienced and respected names in the tank storage industry.

Engineered to meet the operational and environmental challenges of industrial, commercial and resource sector applications, our Glass Fused Steel Bolted water tanks are manufactured for strength, durability and reliability and are pre-engineered and pre-fabricated for fast and economical on-site construction.

Glass Fused Steel Bolted water tanks are specifically designed and manufactured for above ground storage of water, waste water, fire and industrial liquids. We also offer solutions for Biogas Digesters, Slurry Tanks, Leachate Tanks and Flocculation Tanks.

The unique partnership with GLS Tanks combines the leading field-proven products available in Europe with the provision of local Australian customer service and expertise, plus safe and efficient construction systems by Pioneer Water Tanks.

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You can also download the Pioneer Water Tanks Australia Glass Fused Steel Tank Volume Chart here (190KB).