When purchasing a new water tank, it’s important to remember that the fabrics used to build your water tank are just as important as the water it stores!

Many people just don’t do the research. This is problematic because it means that Australian families are drinking water from low-quality tanks built with imported industrial-grade fabrics.

Ask yourself, would you drink water from a tank that has been lined with a liner you know nothing about?

Where has it been made? What health and quality standards exist in that country?

We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask your tank dealer to ensure you’re not getting a rotten deal!

  • In which country has the fabric used to line the water tank came from and what are their health and quality standards?
  • What are the cleanliness standards in the factory this tank liner is made? (After all, you’re going to be drinking the water stored within this fabric!
  • Can you guarantee this liner is clear of chemicals and nasties?

The answers to these questions are likely more than just concerning!

Other concerns exist with imported fabrics such as has it been made ethically? What are their standards of employment? Are people paid properly and looked after properly?

So, what’s the solution?

The best thing you can do is purchase a tank that uses drinking water quality fabrics made in Australia from Australian-made fabric.

At Pioneer Water Tanks we ensure that all of our rural and domestic tank liners are made of polyethylene/polypropylene (PE/PP) blended fabrics that are 100% made in Australia where we have absolute quality control over the raw materials and the manufacturing processes. This is because your health is our priority.

We oversee the manufacture of our high quality PE/PP liner fabric produced by our Australian manufacturer located in Victoria. They’ve been supplying our liner fabric for over 30 years. We know they comply with all Australian health and safety standards, and we’d eat off their factory floor!


In fact, we go a step further and we provide the additional peace of mind that comes with fresher, purer and cleaner water, thanks to our AQUALINER Fresh® antimicrobial tank liner.

At Pioneer Water Tanks we have developed a new standard in tank liners using world-leading antimicrobial hygiene technology that is 100% compliant with Australian and International health standards for products in contact with drinking water. AQUALINER Fresh® is designed to keep your liner free from bacteria, mould and algae to keep your water fresher for longer!

Your health is our priority.

We aim to ensure that your water is 100% clean, pure & safe – which is why we’re leading the way by using safer and healthier alternatives that are made in Australia under our watchful eyes.

Want to know more about the standards of our products or the dangers of buying imported fabrics? We’re happy to help. Get in touch with the experts on 1800 957 913 and talk to our friendly staff.

At Pioneer Water Tanks, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers receive complete satisfaction and we aim to provide your family with the cleanest, purest and safest water available!