Myth Busters – A Thicker Water Tank Liner is Not Better

We’ve noticed an increasing effort from one water tank supplier in Australia to focus on puncture strength as the most important property of a tank liner. Don’t be deceived by misleading tank liner “test” data Trump-eting puncture resistance. It’s fake news.

When it comes to water tank liners, thicker doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Have you ever flown on an aircraft with a fuselage made from 10mm steel plate? Do you use cardboard to blow your nose? You get the point.


Tank liner fabrics need to demonstrate flexibility, abrasion resistance, tear strength, water-proofness, puncture strength and other mechanical properties in order to be fit for purpose.

Tank liner design involves optimising the combination of these material properties in the right proportions to create the best performing liner fabric.

We could make our tank liners from thick 2mm HDPE to achieve outstanding puncture test results but other important properties such as flexibility would suffer, so we need to be smarter than that.

For nearly 30 years we’ve been researching, developing and refining our liner fabrics to be the best in the world. Using leading edge chemical engineering and materials engineering techniques we optimize our range of tank liner fabrics to suit each functional application. Puncture strength is only a small part of the puzzle of developing products suitable for use as water tank liners.

Why would someone promote puncture strength alone as the most important liner material property? Are they making tank liners or bicycle tyres?


At Pioneer we understand material design philosophy. We understand material properties and performance. We’re pretty sure we’re the only tank company that employs a full-time Materials Engineer to ensure we deliver the best liner fabrics which are designed specifically for reliable water quality and retention.

We understand the importance of material selection and we know that thicker is not better. It’s not true for aircraft fuselages, it’s not true for condoms and it’s not true for tank liners.

Speak to the experts and get the real news on tank liners.

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