Don’t Miss Out This Winter – Collect Your Drop

Don’t Miss Out This Winter – Collect Your Drop

Winter is upon us. Now is the perfect time to build that tank and start collecting that precious winter rain. Come summer, you’ll be glad you did.

So, once I’ve chosen my Pioneer Water Tank, what next?

There are two innovative systems that we offer to ensure you are making the most of your winter rainfall.

Let us state here that we do not recommend a gutter to be installed on your water tank – they collect contaminants and debris that can easily find their way into your precious water supply!

With our market leading systems, so you can rest easy your water is the purest it can be.


OPTION 1. Underground system (WET)

Pioneer Water Tanks underground system works by using the perimeter of your house gutters to collect and transport rainwater to your tank via a series of underground PVC pipes. Not only is it simple and cost effective, it is the ultimate system to collect pure, fresh water. After wet system installation it is recommended to divert the first rainfall away from your tank inlet/leaf filter basket and flushing it to ensure the wet systems pipe network is clean*.


OPTION 2. Overhead system (DRY)

Pioneer Water Tanks Overhead system works by collecting rain water via a series of PVC pipes attached to your shed or house gutters. Keep in mind that based on the distance from the roof, the angle of the pipe may need to change*.

Our simple and effective Roof Gutter Pipe (RPG) kit can be used on this system to draw away the first lot of rainwater from your tank. By passing rainwater through a RGP flush system, the first lot of water is diverted away from your tank, which, unlike standard gutter setups, eliminates contamination of your water supply.


So what are you waiting for?

Take the step to get your tank and Join the Pioneer family (click here for a quote) then be guided by our expert staff on the best pipe connection configuration for your property.


*to ensure adequate pressure from the gutters to the leaf filter basket, a distance of 500mm from the top of the leaf filter basket to the top of the gutters must be present. Additionally for every 10 metres away from the gutter your tank is set, you will need at least an additional 500mm fall from the gutters to the top of your tank.