4 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Water Tank!

4 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Water Tank!

We talk to people everyday about their tanks. Over 4000 people a year in fact. We know the important but not so obvious questions to ask before you make the big decision to invest in a water tank. Here they are:

1) What’s on the inside of a tank?

Getting the right tank liner is key to the ultimate protection for your precious water. We recommend selecting a tank liner that is made from a multilayered and reinforced polyethylene fabric with double welded polyethylene seams. This will ensure your tank is still providing your family clean and pure drinking water for generations to come!

What do Pioneer use? Only the best.  Pioneer Water Tanks’ exclusive Aqualiner®. Find out more.

2) What’s on the outside of the tank?

What’s on the outside of your tank will dictate the longevity of your water storage investment. You’ll need a solution that will provide ultimate protection to the harsh and extreme conditions of the environment in which you are looking to build.

Contrary to belief, galvanized tanks do not offer complete corrosion protection. We recommend selecting a tank that utilizes the next generation Zincalume® with Activate® technology which is proven to last up to four times the life of galvanised steel.

Your tank should meet industry standards in terms of the thickness of the panel walls and fixtures. Tank panels should be manufactured from steel between 0.8mm to 1.2mm thick depending on the size of your tank. Thicker does not always mean better, a thicker panel is always going to weigh significantly more.

This extra weight puts additional strain on the tank structure and unless compensated correctly can quickly compromise the fixings holding your tank together.

What do Pioneer Water Tank’s use? Only the best.  Next generation Zincalume® with Activate® technology. Find out more.

Pioneer Water Tanks

3) What after-sales service will I receive?

A water tank is a lifetime investment. You will want to know you can pick up the phone to the person who installed it and get a professional response and solution.

Pioneer Water Tanks have a network of 50 distributers (our Pioneer Family) who are committed to offering only the best advice, care and servicing to meet your ongoing needs, long after tank installation. To find out more about Pioneer Water Tanks after-sales care and warranty periods call us on 1800 999 599.

4) How will I collect water for my tank?

Tank gutter systems are common. They appear attractive because they harness extra rainfall catchment but this comes at the cost of the system bypassing the tanks leaf filter basket. This means, any water coming off your tank roof, and any organic matter and debris is going straight into your water supply.

By choosing not to install a gutter on your tank, you eliminate any chance of contaminants entering your fresh water supply. If you still want to harvest rainwater from the roof of your tank, you can.

Pioneer has perfected the Rainsaver cap roof system to ensure your water supply remains fresh and clean. Find out more, free call 1800 999 599.