Fresher, cleaner, healthier water for

your family

Exclusive Pioneer Water Tank Liner

Pioneer has revolutionised water storage by making available an antimicrobial tank liner that will keep your water fresher, cleaner and healthier for longer

Healthy. Fresh.

Without an antimicrobial tank liner, microbes, bacteria, and mildew can form on your liner.

Keeping your water tank free from microbes means cleaner, healthier, fresher water for longer with Aqualiner FRESH®

Improving Australian


Aqualiner FRESH® is the only liner in Australia that improves on Australian standards.  We met those standards some time ago, but is' a leap forward to exceed them.

Leading the way in water

More Than One Use

Antimicrobial protection by Aqualiner FRESH® with Sanitized® antimicrobial technology as used in:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Food manufacturing
  3. Kitchens
  4. and now Water Storage exclusive to Pioneer

Aqualiner FRESH® with

Sanitized® technology

Natural antibacterial properties of silver - it's right there in the liner.

Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used Silver for water purification and dropped silver coins in fountains and stored drinking water in silver vessels to keep their water fresher for longer.

Aqualiner FRESH® with Sanitized® technology uses the natural antibacterial properties of silver - it's right there in the liner.

Made Like No Other Liner.....

The Sanitized® antimicrobial technology is mixed into the master batch of black polyethylene (PE) film used in the construction of the liner fabric.  

The black PE film is one of the three multiple layers found in the liner fabric providing superior strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance and leak resistance of Aqualiner FRESH®.  

The treated black PE film is then laminated to the inside surface of the liner fabric - the side that is in direct contact with the tank water.

Fresher, cleaner, healthier water for your family

Exclusive to Pioneer

Aqualiner Fresh Water Tank liner


You now understand the significance and key benefits of Aqualiner FRESH® .

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