January 30


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Alecia Jones from Bombala, NSW


Alecia and her family had always relied on two 5000 litre rainwater tanks to meet their property’s water needs. However, when it came time to knock down and re-build she was advised they’d need a larger water supply. Knowing that a good tank should be a well-considered investment, Alecia began doing her research.


Alecia was considering a few possibilities—including a smaller tank—before she sought advice from the experts at Pioneer Water Tanks.

They helped her decide on a “suitable and practical option”.

“Pioneer offered personal advice for our needs, not just a generic answer,” she says.

“After speaking with staff, I was convinced they were the best company to go with.”

In October, Alecia purchased a 130,000 litre Colourbond Pioneer Water Tank with local Accredited Dealers, Aquaflo Irrigation. She is more than pleased with her decision.

“The team at Aquaflo made the whole payment and installation a dream—nothing was ever an issue,” she says.

“The installers were great. The boys got in and completed the job, did it wonderfully, and did not leave a mess for us to clean up—which is always appreciated.”

“Pioneer gave me all the opportunities to get what we needed without the fuss and Aquaflo provided us with the tools to achieve our goals.”

Alecia made a smart decision in contacting an expert for advice on her unique situation.  At Pioneer Water Tanks this is what we do.  We listen to your needs and advise the most efficient method to achieve your goals and objective. 

We are available for consultations, so give us a call to see how we can help you.

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