May 4

Adding Additional Water Storage Capacity

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Maximising Water Storage

Increasing water storage capacity


Burhan is a long-term customer of Pioneer Water Tanks. Back in 2008 he purchased a GT100 (100,000L water tank) for his property in Kurajong NSW – he was building a new house and needed a reliable tank for a reliable water supply.

Fast forward to over a decade later, and he’s back to purchase another. Burhan was after an additional tank to catch the overflow from his existing GT100.

Having already been impressed with Pioneer, he says there was no question in who to go with the second time round.

“We were about to build a new house and I needed a water tank.”


Burhan’s local dealer of Pioneer Water Tanks is Joel from NSW Water Tanks. He originally met the team back in 2008 at the Small Farms Day.

“We were about to build a new house and I needed a water tank,” explains Burhan.

“NSW Tanks were there doing a special and they seemed like a good option to go with. Concrete tanks were a lot pricier than the Colorbond option – they also weren’t big enough.

“I thought the price wasn’t too bad for what they offered, so I went with them. When looking at the second tank to catch the overflow, there was no question in going with Pioneer again.”

For the second time round, Joel sold Burhan a GT80 in Mangrove to accompany the existing GT100. This was installed at the end of September 2019, and it wasn’t long before Burhan could see the return on his investment.

Over six months later, Burhan has received over 600mm of rainfall. With the roof catchment of Burhan’s home and shed, both his tanks are at full capacity.

“We were lucky to have installed the tank when we did. In January 2020 we were thinking about buying in water, and then the rain started. After a few weeks of consistent rainfall, we had water flowing from our existing tank to the new one. It was so exciting to see and hear.”

“Now I can use that extra water for my veggie patch and things like that,” he says.

“Also, if we don’t get any rain then I’m not wasting the water that flows off the bigger rainwater tank. It’s added to the system immensely. I now have water security for dry times and don’t have to panic about booking in water deliveries.”

Burhan says the service he received from NSW Water Tanks was excellent, plus they had great communication.

“They worked with the days I was available and it was no dramas,” he says.

“Responses for the quotes came back swiftly and they always replied to my emails in good time.

“My existing Pioneer tank is 10 years old – I thought, well, it’s still standing and doing well so I might as well stick with something that’s working!”

If your goal is to improve your water conservation techniques like Burhan, a Pioneer Water Tank could be just what you’re looking for.

Whether it’s adding to the system like he did, or making a start in being smarter with your rainfall, give us a call to talk through our many options to suit your needs.

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